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Fly, The (1986)

Wacky scientist Jeff Goldblum accidentally swaps DNA with a winged insect and mayhem ensues. There’s great barroom signage including Stroh’s, Molson Export, Budweiser, Miller and a possible Tuborg Gold. We also get a couple looks at a bottle of Labatts 50 Ale…one with a broken forearm from arm wrestling match.

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Strange Brew (1983)

Former SCTV players Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas portray ‘Hosers’ Bob & Doug McKenzie in this cult classic. There’s great Canadian stuff on display including 3 types of Molson, 2 kinds of Labatts and a trip to ‘The Beer Store’. Of course there are also plenty of Elsinore sightings.

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Youngblood (1986)

Rob Lowe is the title character who’s pressured to fight to further his hockey career. The Molson Export and Patrick Swayze’s mullet are flowing freely as we spot cans, bottles and rink signage. There’s also a Dow Ale sign.