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Night at the Roxbury, The (1998)

Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan are obnoxious club hoppers in this ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit turned full length feature. There are bottles of Miller Lite and Lite Ice, a MGD neon, a background Foster’s and a Coors truck.

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Stand Up Guys (2012)

Al Pacino and Christopher Walken co-star as aging crooks who get the old gang back together in this crime comedy. There’s a bevy of cool bar room signs including Old Milwaukee, Miller and Pabst. We also get a beautiful Budweiser Clydesdale sign. If that wasn’t enough, legend Billy Dee Williams appears in a painting pitching his trademark Colt 45.

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Joy Ride (2001)

Paul Walker is the lead actor but the Leinenkugel’s sign is clearly the star here. There is some decent neon signage as well with Carlsberg, MGD and Lite Ice.