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Marty (1955)

This drama captured 4 Oscars including ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Actor’ for Ernest Borgnine. There’s a great Knickerbocker ad on the side of a building in the opening credits and Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles and a neon sign throughout.

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Midnight Cowboy (1969)

This gritty Dustin Hoffman Jon Voight drama captured 3 Oscars including Best Picture. There’s a great Lone Star truck in the opening credits and plenty of bottles to be seen including Budweiser, Knickerbocker and a rare appearance by Stegmaier. We also spot a can of Ballentine as Ratso loads up with food.

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Last Detail, The (1973)

Jack Nicholson and Otis Young are Navy men tasked with bringing young offender Randy Quaid to prison but insist on showing him a good time along the way. We get Schlitz cans in multiple scenes and Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles as well. There’s also an excellent Andeker sign and Narragansett and Knickerbocker window signage.