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Collision Course (1989)

The ample chinned Jay Leno plays a Detroit cop who’s paired with Japanese investigator Pat Morita in this action comedy. There are fuzzy, background Budweiser and Michelob bottles and an excellent Goebel billboard.

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Striking Distance (1993)

Bruce Willis stars as a Pittsburgh cop in this action drama that features plenty of Iron City and some good bar stuff including a rare Goebel sign. Sarah Jessica Parker is also spotted with a Rolling Rock figurine but the highlight here clearly is the IC truck losing it’s load of cases.

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Almost Famous (2000)

Patrick Fugit plays a high school kid who tours with a 70’s band to do a story for Rolling Stone Magazine. There are some rare beers on display in Genesee Cream Ale, Black Label and Goebel and some common brands as well in Miller, Schlitz, Heineken and Pabst.