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Mikey and Nicky (1976)

Peter Falk & John Cassavetes are the title characters in this Philadelphia drama about a small time bookie who steals money from ‘The Mob’. Local brew Schmidt’s is featured and we also spot stacked cases of Ortlieb’s, Rolling Rock, & Miller High Life. There’s also a Burgie neon. Thanks to Cincinnati Reds & beer fan Shawn Stutz for finding this …

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Running Scared (1986)

Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines star as Chicago cops on the trail of a drug dealer. There’s good neon here including Moosehead, Natty Light, Killians and Oly. We also get plenty of Stroh’s cans and a Stroh’s Light tapper. Finally, there’s a sweet “This Bud’s For You” ad on Wrigley Field sign.

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Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

This outstanding post features Ellen Burstyn with 3 different Olympia signs in bar scene and Hamm’s and Burgie six pack ads at the liquor store. Kris Kristofferson and Harvey Keitel both appear with beer in hand and we get a nice blue Oly truck. This film led to TV series “Alice” that starred Vic Tayback who is also in this …