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Something Wild (1986)

Melanie Griffith ‘kidnaps’ Jeff Daniels for the weekend and everything’s fine until they run into her ex, Ray Liotta. There is lots to see here including a great Michelob Classic Dark truck and Lowenbrau bottles and neon. The liquor store cooler gives us a peek at cans of Black Label, Miller High Life & Lite, Schlitz & Schlitz Malt Liquor …

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Working Girl (1988)

There’s five nice brands on display in this Melanie Griffith romantic comedy that also features Alec Baldwin with a Miller sign. The title character goes BTM (beer to mouth) with a can of Coors Light and is seen with a colorful Heineken sign. There’s a background Schaefer sign behind Joan Cusack and we spy a Michelob neon.