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8 Mile (2002)

Eminem, along with Kim Basinger and Michael Shannon, stars as an up and coming Detroit rapper in this drama that gives us the fake brand ‘Iron’. Brittany Murphy appears with a nice background Budweiser sign and there are cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon. There’s also a table made out of 40’s including Olde English 800.

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Nadine (1987)

Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger star in this 1950’s Texas romantic comedy that features 3 local brews. There’s multiple Lone Star signs, cases and bottles, a Shiner sign and a nice Grand Prize neon. We also spy 2 similar Pabst Blue Ribbon signs and a rare PBR boxer statue/figurine. Budweiser bottles, cases and bar light also appear.

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Natural, The (1984)

Robert Redford plays title character Roy Hobbs who seemingly comes out of nowhere to become a baseball legend. Long neck Schlitz bottles are spotted in scenes with both love interest Kim Basinger and salty manager Wilford Brimley.