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Oscar Winners – Best Actress

See these lovely leading ladies beer scenes…Elizabeth Taylor “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”…Ellen Burstyn “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”…Jane Fonda “Coming Home”…Sally Field “Norma Rae”…Sissy Spacek “Coal Miner’s Daughter”…Jodie Foster “The Accused”…Frances McDormand “Fargo”…Julia Roberts “Erin Brockovich”….and Best Supporting Actress Marisa Tomei for “My Cousin Vinny”.

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Accused, The (1988)

Jodie Foster earned an Oscar for her performance as a rape victim in this disturbing drama. Kelly McGillis is her attorney and appears with Blitz, Michelob and Miller Lite neon. There are also nice Rainier, Stroh’s and Meister Brau signs and Coors bottles and neon.

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Foxes (1980)

Jodie Foster and Cherie Currie (lead vocalist for girl group ‘The Runaways’) are teens confronted with the realities of drinking, drugs and sex in late 70’s Los Angeles. Randy Quaid co-stars and is seen with Pabst Blue Ribbon & Olympia cans while Sally Kellerman appears with a Budweiser. There’s also Coors & Old Milwaukee signs and a guitar solo Heineken.