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Thing, The (1982)

Kurt Russell is stationed in Antarctica where an unfrozen, shape-shifting alien is on the loose. He abbeers with cans of Coors and Budweiser and a six pack of Natural Light. Wilford Brimley, Richard Masur, Keith David, T.K. Carter and Donald Moffat are in brew scenes with Busch and Natty Light neons and stacked Bud cases.

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China Syndrome, The (1979)

Jane Fonda is a reporter with a big turtle and a fridge full of Olympia cans who discovers safety hazards and cover ups at a nuclear power plant. Jack Lemmon and Wilford Brimley are plant employees who unwind under the glow of Oly neon.

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Natural, The (1984)

Robert Redford plays title character Roy Hobbs who seemingly comes out of nowhere to become a baseball legend. Long neck Schlitz bottles are spotted in scenes with both love interest Kim Basinger and salty manager Wilford Brimley.