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Major League (1989)

Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes and Corbin Bernson are Cleveland Indian ball players who turn around their hapless team to spite the owner who set them up for failure. Miller Lite & High Life bottles are present , one with Bob Uecker, and we get some stadium scoreboard signage as well. Rene Russo appears with background row of cups.

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King of New York (1990)

Guinness, and ‘Beers on Film’, is Good for You. The gingered David Caruso and the tax dodging Wesley Snipes team up in this modern, violent twist on ‘Robin Hood’.

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Fan, The (1996)

‘Beers on Film’ mainstay Robert DeNiro plays an over zealous fan who picks star baseball player Wesley Snipes as the target of his affections. Olympia neon sign and plentiful MGD bottles and cans are spotted. Benecio Del Toro also appears with a bath room Red Dog bottle.