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Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Nic Cage must steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother’s, Giovanni Ribisi, life. Angelina Jolie appears with a great Red Dog tapper and Scott Caan is seen guzzling a bottle of Miller High Life. Icehouse and Miller Lite are also observed.

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Varsity Blues (1999)

James Van Der Beek, Scott Caan and the late Ron Lester play Texas high school football stars in this sports drama. There’s Lone Star signs and neon and the adults drink it in can form. The youngsters are spotted drinking a fake Budweiser look-a-like brand.

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Boiler Room (2000)

Giovanni Ribisi and his buddies Ben Affleck and Scott Caan are sighted with plenty of Miller High Life, MGD and Icehouse bottles. The high light though is Vin Diesel holding a can of Lite in front of Charlie Sheen from “Wall Street” on the TV.