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Fire Down Below (1957)

Robert Mitchum and Jack Lemmon battle for the affections of the lovely Rita Hayworth in this dramatic adventure. The boys abbeer with bottles of Carlsberg in the bar and while trapped in damaged ship. We also spot flat top cans of Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon and gold Budweisers.

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Thunder Road (1958)

Until I can get better pics, these grainy shots of Robert Mitchum drinking a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon are gonna hafta do.

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Cape Fear (1962)

Gregory Peck plays a lawyer who’s family is tormented by ex con Robert Mitchum in this memorable drama. There’s excellent vintage Anheuser-Busch placement including Budweiser cans, a Busch Bavarian bottle and both Bud & Michelob bow tie neon signs.