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Great Smokey Roadblock (1978)

Henry Fonda steals his repossessed truck to help former girlfriend Eileen Brennan smuggle hookers across the border. They abbeer together with a can of Miller High Life. Young stars Susan Sarandon and Robert Englund are spotted with a bottle of Miller Lite.

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Hustle (1975)

This is a great post. In the opening credits we spot a kid wearing a crochet Olympia can hat. Then, beer legend Burt Reynolds is seen with two different Oly signs. Finally Robert Englund, who you may remember as ‘Freddy Kruger’, appears in front of a cooler with half quart six packs of Oly, Schlitz,and 102. Tuborg and Harp sixers …

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Big Wednesday (1978)

Jan-Michael Vincent stars in this epic surfing drama that features an excellent cast and beer sightings. The toothy Gary Busey, William Katt (Greatest American Hero) and Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) all appear with plentiful cans of Olympia. JMV is also spotted in an awesome Schlitz shirt.