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Badlands (1973)

‘Greaser’ Martin Sheen and his young girlfriend Sissy Spacek go on a killing spree in South Dakota in this gritty drama. As they walk past the bar we see great Grain Belt die cut bottle signs, a Coors neon and a small Falstaff window sticker.

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Apocalypse Now (1979)

Martin Sheen leads the way with Schlitz, ’33’ and Budweiser scenes in this Frances Ford Coppola Viet Nam War epic. Marlon Brando, as Col Kurtz, appears in photo next to Bud can and a bespectacled Harrison Ford sneaks into frame with the same can. Robert Duval, Laurence Fishburne and Sam Bottoms round out this fabulous beer cast.

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Wall Street (1987)

Martin and Charlie Sheen discuss business over a couple bottles of Molson Light in this rare father-son beer moment. There’s also a Budweiser on that cluttered table.