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Family Stone, The (2005)

There’s good star power and beer presence in this romantic comedy. Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Durmot Mulroney and Luke Wilson all abbeer with brew. We spot Dos Equis bottles, Bud Light & Rolling Rock neon, and Tecate, Sol, Miller Lite and Budweiser signs.

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Blonde Ambition (2007)

Voluptuous businesswoman Jessica Simpson finds herself a pawn of two executives who are trying to oust their boss in this romantic comedy. Luke Wilson is her love interest and together they abbeer with a well displayed six pack of Heineken.

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Old School (2003)

Excellent movie, cast and beer placement. Will Ferrell shines in Pabst shirt with Old Style can on top of the ‘Red Dragon’. He also appears with an array of cans that 70’s can collectors will remember. Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson and Jeremy Piven also contribute and we get Patrick “Blue” Cranshaw with a can of Corona.