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Lonely are the Brave (1962)

Kirk Douglas plays a cowboy who goes to the city to get imprisoned in order to spring his friend. There is great bar room stuff on display including cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Carta Blanca, Burgermeiser, Coors and Budweiser. There are also Carta Blanca signs and sixers. Carroll O’Conner (aka Archie Bunker) abbeers in between Schlitz and Burgermeister neon.

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Young Man With A Horn (1950)

Kirk Douglas is a boozy trumpet player whose career will end on a sour note if he doesn’t sober up. We get a great Ruppert sign in the middle of Times Square in New York City and an outstanding Budweiser ‘Preferred Everywhere’ giant sign. I don’t know about that bottle on the bar.