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Lookout, The (2007)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a head injury from an accident and is lured into helping rob the bank he works at. Jeff Daniels is his blind roommate. We spot Corona and Budweiser neon signs and JGL going BTM (beer to mouth) with a non-alcoholic O’Doul’s.

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Killshot (2008)

Mickey Rourke is a seasoned hit man and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the young, up and coming killer in this crime drama. There’s a case and cans of Tecate and we spot Dos Equis, Corona and Moosehead at the liquor store.

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10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles star in this romantic comedy that features a bunch of great sightings including a ‘Beer-a-myd’ constructed of Heineken, Modelo, Budweiser and Busch cans. There’s also some nice neon signs on display.