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Empire (2002)

John Leguizamo plays a South Bronx drug dealer who turns his back on his roots. There are numerous Carlsberg sightings and a six pack of Molson Canadian. Denise Richards abbeers with one of the two mystery brews.

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Spun (2002)

Jason Schwartman, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo and Mickey Rourke all give memorable performances in this crazy, drugged out adventure. There’s a nice Miller Genuine Draft sign and Grolsch bottles. The ‘Heineken’ bottles have been altered with a phony name. Porn star Ron Jeremy and ‘Blondie’ front woman Deborah Harry also appear in beer scenes. Thanks to Tobi Johnson for this …

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Summer of Sam (1999)

Miller High Life, John Leguizamo and punk rocker Adrien Brody are the featured players in Spike Lee’s take on the ‘Son of Sam’ murders in 1977 New York.