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Continental Divide (1981)

John Belushi is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune who falls for a Colorado eagle photographer in this romantic comedy. The lone beer sighting is a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the bar.

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Animal House (1978)

‘My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.’ Bluto, Flounder, Otter, D-Day, The Stork and the rest of Delta House make life miserable for Faber College’s Dean Wormer. We get some good vintage Pabst, Bud and Piels signage and also some red and blue fake brands. The highlight though is Kevin Bacon with a pair of unlit Blitz Weinhard …

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Blues Brothers, The (1980)

Joliet Jake and Elwood star in the Grand-Daddy of ’em all with 16 different brands documented. There’s excellent neon sightings including rare Rhinelander and Huber and we get the boys both going BTM (beer to mouth) with bottles of St Pauli Girl. A great Drewry’s sign is spied at Aretha Franklin’s soul food restaurant and we see 2 extremely scarce …