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Sixteen Candles (1984)

Suburban Chicago is the setting for this John Hughes directed high school romantic comedy. Anthony Michael Hall and John Cusack appear with an excellent ‘Beer-a-myd’ constructed of Special Export, Blatz and Old Style & O.S.Light cans. A neck braced Joan Cusack is also spotted in one of the many Old Style scenes.

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Gung Ho (1986)

Michael Keaton is an American auto worker who must bridge cultural gaps with Gedde Watanabe and his Japanese company that just took over their plant. Multiple bottles of Iron City and Stroh’s help to ease the situation.

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Volunteers (1985)

Tom Hanks is a spoiled rich kid with an unbearable accent who escapes his gambling debts by hopping a plane to south east Asia and joining the Peace Corps. Not much here except for a couple Budweiser bow tie glasses. Allan Arbus and Gedde Watanabe also appear with unknown mystery brews.