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Right Stuff, The (1983)

Dennis Quaid and Fred Ward star in this story about the Mercury 7 space program. These astronauts unwind with bottles of Schlitz, ‘The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous’. There are also Lone Star plastic cups and a blurry, up close case of the Texas brew.

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Miami Blues (1990)

Alec Baldwin gives a memorable performance as a career criminal who takes his act to Miami. Fred Ward is the cop on his heels and Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the prostitute girlfriend. There are numerous good looks at bottles of the relatively rare brew Polar. Cans of Coors are also spotted and Michelob, Bud, Lite and Coors Extra Gold neon …

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Joe Dirt (2001)

It’s too bad there isn’t a David Spade beer sighting in this redneck comedy. We do, however, get Fred Ward rockin’ a mullet and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. There’s also a fictitious black and gold Budweiser look a like.