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Starman (1984)

Jeff Bridges comes from outer space to fall in love with Karen Allen and abbeer with Michelob Light, Miller High Life and Lite neon signs. Charles Martin Smith, who I’ll always love as ‘Toad’ in “American Grafitti”, is spotted enjoying a can of Old Milwaukee. There’s also a cooler scene containing Budweiser and Busch cans and we get a partial …

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American Graffiti (1973)

George Lucas wrote and directed this comedy drama that was nominated for 5 Oscars. Charles Martin Smith plays ‘Toad’ and is spotted with an Olympia neon sign as he tries to get someone to buy liquor for him. There are also a couple Coors signs inside the store.

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Speechless (1994)

This romantic comedy features Budweiser and Bud Light bottles to go along with Geena Davis and Charles Martin Smith.