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Traffic (2000)

Benecio Del Toro portrays a DEA agent involved in the war on drugs and appears with a can of Tecate and Budweiser bottle and neon sign. Topher Grace plays the high school boyfriend who gets the judges daughter hooked and is spotted with bottles of Samuel Adams.

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Based on the Hunter S. Thompson book. Johnny Depp and Benecio Del Toro head to Vegas to chase the American dream, do drugs, and drink fictitious beer. Special Beers on Film shout out to Marco Tomicic, goal tender extraordinaire who’s backstopped The Old Style Comets to 2 championships…and counting.

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Fan, The (1996)

‘Beers on Film’ mainstay Robert DeNiro plays an over zealous fan who picks star baseball player Wesley Snipes as the target of his affections. Olympia neon sign and plentiful MGD bottles and cans are spotted. Benecio Del Toro also appears with a bath room Red Dog bottle.