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Cabin Boy (1994)

Chris Elliot is the title character in this bizarre comedy that also features Brian Doyle-Murray, Andy Richter and Brion James. The beer cans are the fictitious ‘Sea King’ which closely resemble 1960’s ‘King Cole’ cans from Los Angeles brewer Maier. Melora Walters, who was in a great episode of ‘Seinfeld’, has a beer cameo

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Semi-Pro (2008)

Will Ferrell plays Jackie Moon who is owner/coach/player for the Flint Michigan Tropics minor league basketball team. He and Tim Meadows, Woody Harrelson and Will Arnett all appear with bottles of Saginaw which I believe to be a fake brand. There is also a can of Budweiser with a guy who looks like Ike Barinholtz and a background Bud sign.